Finite Element Methods for Flow Problems
  Steady Transport
  Unsteady Transport
  Compressible Flow
  Unsteady Convection-Diffusion
  Incompressible Flow
Equations governing flow problems show many numerical problems: convective terms, transient analysis, shocks... We have organized information in five issues, each one dealing with a particular topic.
In Steady transport we analyze problems due to convective terms and propose some stabilized formulations to solve the problem.
In Unsteady transport special attention is given to accurate time-integration schemes.
In Compressible Flow nonlinear systems of hyperbolic equations are studied. Euler equations of gas dynamic are a particular example of this kind of problems.
In Unsteady Convection-Diffusion attention is focused in high order time-stepping algorithms in order to obtain time-accurate finite element methods for unsteady problems.
In Incompressible Flow Navier-Stokes equations governing flow problems are studied.

For each issue, apart from a brief theoretical introduction, we provide some examples that show the behavior of the different numerical techniques.
Problems have been solved using MATLAB and code is available.
Steady Transport